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Exploring omics data for evaluating microbial interactions for iron
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MC Champomier-Verges (Micalis, Jouy)
Participants de MaIAGE
S Labarthe, B Laroche, V Loux
MICALIS, MGP, MaIAGE, UMRF (Aurillac), ETH Zurich
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Iron, known as essential for life, can vary in the environment from scarcity to abundance. The major issue remains its availability for living organisms which have developed sophisticated mechanisms to acquire it and to protect themselves against its deleterious effects. Type of mechanisms for iron acquisition should reflect iron availability and way the community share this resource in ecosystems. Even though this pivotal role leads to consider iron as a key driver for ecosystems, metagenomic data as valuable source of information for functional traits of complex communities have been poorly explored for this trait. Here, we propose to use gut and food microbiotas as templates for investigating this question with regard to the essential role of iron in nutrition and health. First, we will evaluate iron metabolism capacities of individual genomes and metagenomes from gut (different individuals with various health status) and food with different iron contents (cheese/meat/vegetable). Second, we will use mathematical models in order to extract possible functional organization and predict interactions within these different ecosystems in relation to iron availability. Finally, we will test the validity of the models of iron interactions with microbiota in advanced in vitro continuous colonic fermentations under different iron conditions. We thus aim at providing understanding of basic mechanisms of interactions of microbiota for iron, paving the way for future explorations (iron related pathologies and iron fortification).
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