Current projects

- ANR - ANR Blanche
Challenge and/or Axis : Axe 1.5 Alimentation et Systèmes Alimentaires
(2020 - 2023)
Title : Anticipating the impact of food societal transitions and climate change on the quality and diversity of vegetable fermented food through synthetic ecology approaches

Coordinator : S. Chaillou (Micalis, INRAE)
Partners : Micalis (INRA Jouy-en-Josas), GMPA (INRA Versailles), Aérial (CRT, Illkirch), UR Oenologie (Univ. Bordeaux), UR SIG (MNHN), STLO (INRA Rennes)
MaIAGE Participants : M. Mariadassou, V. Loux, O. Rué - Team(s) : Migale / StatInfOmics